1. Excelex Biopolymers Pvt Ltd


Excelex manufactures chemicals which function as Filtration Control Agents, Shale Inhibitors & Stabilizers, Deflocculates etc.

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Refractory & Welding

Excelex Manufactures CMC with unparallel viscosity characteristics and other physical properties which helps to enhance the output product.

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Textile Sizing

Excelex manufactures starch based sizing chemicals.

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Textile Printing

Excelex manufactures high viscosity starch based textile printing thickeners providing optimum viscosity.

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Ceramics & Other Industries

Excelex manufactures CMC which is an excellent rheology modifier for glazes and engobes.

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Home Care Products

Excelex Manufactures CMC with different purity & viscosity levels as per customer specifications.

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Binder / Drug Intermediates / Electronics

Excelex manufactures Sodium Mono Chloro Acetate (SMCA) a product used in binders,electronics and drug intermediates

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Iron Ore Pellettisation

CMC manufactured by Excelex will surpass various tests viz wet & dry compressive strength, drops etc compared to its competitors.

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Making it Possible to Meet the Needs of a Growing World

Over 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the business of chemistry

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