Non-invasive Fluid Additive (NIFA), is a finely graded fibrous material which helps in preventing filtrate invasion. Filtrate Invasion is as existing factor that adversely effects well bore stability. There are number of technologies/ processes used for controlling filtrate invasion. One of the latest and highly effective methods is use of NIFA in drilling fluid formulations. NIFA helps in blocking pores of various sizes.

Our product Excel -500 is a fine graded naturally occurring fibrous material which has been further treated to enhance water expelling properties. When added at a doze of up to 2% on the drilling fluid it can seal heterogeneous permeable formations.
Excel-500 is an ultra low invasion additive that protects the formation by minimizing the fluid invasion into matrix pores and micro fractures. The fibrous material of structured particle size prevents fractures from propagating, creating a seal to effectively minimize fluid invasion into micro-fractures stabilizing weak shale and effectively reduce down-hole troubles and formation damage.

A typical Non-Damaging Drilling Fluid formulation is described for lab testing of Excel 500
Tap water is used for preparing the base fluid. The ingredients are:

(i) KCl 5-7% + (ii) Biocide 0.1% + (iii) Xanthan Gum 0.45% + (iv) PAC LV 1.2% + (v) PAC R 0.3% + (vi) MgO 0.2% + (vii) MCC 6.0% + (viii) Excel-500 2.0%.

The hot rolled base mud (hot rolled at 100 Deg. C for 16 Hrs) is tested for invasion without the presence of Excel-500 for base mud invasion.

Another Mud sample with Excel-500 is hot rolled in similar way and loaded into the sand bed invasion test equipment. Pressure is slowly increased to 500 psi. It is maintained for 30 minutes. The invasion of the fluid shall be less than 50% of the base mud invasion without Excel-500.

  • Advantages

    Excel-500 is a versatile product and can be applied to any water based muds.

  • (i) It is easy to mix it.
  • (ii) It imparts marginal increase in viscosity.
  • (iii) The low permeability cake can be easily removed by wash fluids.
  • (iv) Imparts well bore stability
  • ((v) Helps Reducing formation damage.
    • Specifications :

      Appearance Brown to Dark Brown free flowing powder.
      Bulk Density 0.4-0.5 gm/CC
      PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION Structured to suit all types of formations from tight stale to sandy or brittle coal seams.
      PACKING 25 kg in multiwall paper bags, pelletized wrapped and strapped or as desired by the customer.