About Us

Mr J.K Arya
"My formula for success?.......Rise early. Work late. Strike oil." J. K. Arya Managing Director

Historically looking back E.P.Industrial & Agro Products Pvt.Ltd.(E.P.I) was launched in the year 1993 with Mr. J. K. Arya as Managing Director . The products manufactured were Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (SCMC) in detergent and textile sizing grades.Commercial production plant for PAC LV was, first time, set up in the country by M/s. EPI in 1995-96. It was a successful approach to market the product to M/s. ONGC on par with International supplies.Till today EPI remains the only Indian company which can manufacture and supply this highly specialized product.

EPI took up yet another bold decision in 2003-2004 to get into manufacturing of Drilling Starch from corn and tapioca starch and compete with the European manufacturers. In 2006-2007 M/s. EPI disposed off its cellulose and starch business to M/s. Nitrex Limited, a subsidiary of Investing British Company M/s. ACTIS. The new business was named M/s. Excelex Biopolymers Pvt. Limited. Excelex acquired cellulose and starch business from Nitrex, which was the holding company.

Our Vision & Mission

"Where oil is first found is in the minds of men" -Wallace Pratt


  • Our vision is to sustain our leadership in Drilling Mud Chemicals market through continuous growth and research .
  • To be a major player in Petro chemical industry .


  • Excelex produces high quality oil drilling chemicals compatible with international standards.Excelex sells its products in domestic market and in international markets with a strong customer focus .Excelex cares about innovation .It keeps the competenece ,satisfaction and loyalty of its employees at optimum level .Excelex follows universal ethical values ,saves the environment ,provides occupational health and safety and adds value to the society with sustainability perspective .