Iron Ore Pelletisation

CMC is used in iron ore mining industry as pellet binder. CMC is a component of the binder for mineral dust shaping and the binder is an indispensable ingredient in pellet forming.

CMC manufactured by Excelex will surpass various tests viz wet & dry compressive strength, drops, etc compared to its competitors.

Iron Ore Pellettisation:

  • Organic Binder OBX-200

    Organic Binder OBX-200

    Appearance Cream coloured free flowing powder, Free from extraneous impurities.
    Moisture content 8 - 10 %.
    Composition Modified natural polymeric gum
    Viscosity of 2% solution in distilled water at 25Oc on brookfield viscometer lvt. 250 - 350 Cps
    Ph of 2% water solution 8.5 - 9.5.
    Applications Ore palletisation
    Packing Multi wall paper bags of 25 kgs. net each bag. .
    Toxicity Non toxic, harmless and non-irritant to skin .